Utah Landscapes

This project was to help 4th graders learn about the 3 major regions of Utah: the Rocky Mountains, Great Basin, and the Colorado Plateau. We incorporated the art ideas of impressionism and used oil pastels and complementary colors to create landscapes. The students chose one of three black a white photographs to copy. They were only allowed to use 3 colors: two compliments and white. Before they could start adding oil pastels to their drawings, I had them complete a value scale to practice blending their pastels and to figure out which colors they should use.

Here are some completed of the Rocky Mountains:

This is the Colorado Plateau:

And here are 2 of the Great Basin: (the photo they copied was of the Salt Flats)

One of the highlights of this project for me was, we got to finish it up with a field trip to go see this exhibit at the BYU Museum of Art.

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mom/Janet said...

A field trip in Art Class? How fun is that. I would love to be in your class.

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