Fall leaves: warm and cool colors

Ok, so I couldn't just put one post up for tonight...

This project has also been one of my favorites this year. I taught the 1st graders about warm and cool colors, as well as 2 watercolor techniques.
We spent the first day creating a warm color crayon resist. I passed out several different textures for them to do crayon rubbings with all over one piece of paper with warm colors: red, yellow, orange. And then did a watercolor wash over the whole thing.
The next day, we talked about cool colors: blue, purple, and green, and did a watercolor wash called "wet-on-wet". They painted their paper with water first and then added the cool colors. While the paint was still wet, they sprinkled salt onto the wet paint to create the snowflake-crystal-like look. The third day, I gave them a leaf template and had them trace 4-5 leaves on their warm colored paper, cut them out, and arrange and glue them onto the cool washes.

All I can say, is that I am so proud of them!

The first one is the example that I made along side them, and the rest, genuine 1st grade artwork.

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