Recent Inspiration

I got a call from my dear sister, Elizabeth, a few weeks ago. She was in a panic because the rotations that she does for her daughter's home-school cohorts had been rearranged and she was switched from the history teacher to the art teacher. Overwhelmed by the task, she called me with questions and to get tips. I answered as much as I could but in the end, I think she was really more of a help to me. She introduced me to a wonderful blog! ArtProjectsForKids.org. Designed by this woman:

It is a blog put together by a seasoned graphic designer-turned-art teacher. She has literally hundreds of project ideas complete with examples and what she learned worked/didn't work when trying them with her students.

Thank you so much Elizabeth! And I look forward to learning how to do all of this right along side of you this year!


Unfinished Projects

To say that is has been a while, would be an understatement, so let's just get down to it. It has been a while. But I have been working on things, I promise. I just haven't finished a lot of them lately, and for some reason I always feel like everything I put on here has to be finished.

So, this is what I was working on right after my last post:

As you can see, it is not finished, but almost there. It will eventually be one of five in a series I am painting for my mother-in-law. Sorry, Janet!
This project was put on hold so that I could work on this for Dane's Birthday:

Most of you have no idea what a big deal it is for me to scrapbook. I don't scrapbook. This was a true gift of love. Dane really wanted one, and I told him that it would never happen. It is happening, but as you can see there are several blank spots yet to be filled with captions, and basically the rest of our lives to finish it.
This project was also put on hold when pretty much every ounce of my energy became dedicated to making this:

This has pretty much put everything in my life on hold for the past 3 months. Yikes. It really is a lot of work! But for obvious reasons, this also remains unfinished.
So, now that I have hit month four and some of my energy is returning, it is once again taken elsewhere to work on putting my classroom together for the upcoming school year. I have so much to do--everything from organizing my cupboards, writing lesson plans, getting visual and posters ready along with classroom management stuff like seating charts, procedures...etc

I have 3 more weeks until school starts, half of a classroom to finish and an entire year's worth of lesson plans to get ready. I have a feeling that this will really be taking up the bulk of my time and energy, so the are that I may be posting will most likely be done by other artists like these.

Sorry for the absence, but know that I am still here, and ALWAYS working on something!
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