Time for another Give-Away

For the Grand Opening of my etsy shop, I will be having another give-away.  Don't worry, there aren't really any hoops to jump through for this one.  Simply, I will be giving away a free 8x10 print of any image in my shop to the first 5 customers!  So spread the word to any and all that you think would be interested in this...or don't :).


android and me

So, my brother is a real nerd. And I am pretty sure he is ok with that. He is a big fan of Android and everything associated with it, not apple. If you know anyone like that, then you get my brother. I am an apple girl, but we don't have to talk about that now. Anyway. He had a great idea for this contest. Where the winner will get an awesome android tablet, keyboard, wireless mouse, carrying case, and my favorite, a stylus. So, he had me draw up a sketch for his entree:

He told me that if we win, he will send me the prize pack 'cause he already has a tablet....Oh, I hope we win! (even if I am an apple girl.) P.s., for those interested in entering, the contest ends tonight at midnight.


new on ETSY

I have created a new shop on etsy.  Never heard of the site before?  Check it out!  Now there is an easy way to get a hold of my watercolors! Enjoy, and make sure you keep checking back--I still have a lot of stuff to put up!



today's art class: different watercolor textures

My class and I had a lot of fun tonight experimenting with different ways to add texture to our watercolor washes. We practiced 3 different techniques: crayon resist, salt crystals and bleach. After experimenting, everyone chose a technique to fill a page and then we painted rockets on another paper. Next, we cut out the rockets and glued them onto the background. I was so impressed by how they turned out and all looked so different. Way to go class!

Bleach method:  dab a Q-tip in bleach and then make spots on a wet wash.

Salt method: sprinkle salt into a wet wash.

Crayon resist method: put something with texture under your paper and do a crayon rubbing, then paint a dark wash over the crayon.


A is for armadillo

I am still here.  And I have found new inspiration and new motivation.  Thanks in part to this little guy.
I was obsessed with this book when I was little. Has anyone else ever read it?


And the winner is...

So I made this really great video of myself sifting through a bowl filled with little folded peices of paper with everyone's names on them, just to show you how legit my drawing was.  And after 4 failed attempts of uploading the video onto my blog, you will just have to take my word for it.  Oh, and sorry it took me so long to post this, but I was hiking with my wonderful family for much of the day.

So, without further ado, the lucky winner of the give-away is:


Congratulations!  I know that you said you liked the elephant, but please let me know which watercolor you would like an 8x10" of!  I have your address so, it will be in the mail as soon as you let me know which one you would like!
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