So, this isn't an art post but I thought that it was valid information worthy of posting...

Well, tonight Dane and I were hanging out at Abbie's house watching her baby and took advantage of the opportunity to get a little laundry done. So, I pulled the second load out of the washer and just before tossing my pants I was wearing earlier today into the dryer, low and behold I found my poor, helpless, drenched, cell phone. :( It only takes so many stories from close friends and relatives to know the inevitable ending to this story. Scott, Abbie's husband, says there may be hope and I can leave it in the sun for a few days to see if it will dry out. I am not getting my hopes up.
To say the least anyway, I unfortunately do not expect to be answering phone calls anytime in the next little while. So, if anyone needs to reach me please call Dane's phone: 509-788-5969.


Work in my show

Some of you have been asking which paintings I had hanging in my show this month, so I decided to put them up. I won the juror's choice for these two paintings that hang together:
These other 3 paintings also are in the show. I think that the show comes down this week...wednesday?
Also, I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who came out to see it. This event has inspired me to make more art and to really get my guts up to be an artist. It was so great to feel the support of my family and friends. I am excited about making lots more art in the future to come, and I will keep you all "posted" on what comes next.

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