The Lady-bug Day

When I was really young, I played goalie for my rec-soccer team. They were pretty good, and so the ball spent most of the time on the other side of the field, which means that I spent most of my time looking for four-leaf clovers, dandelions and ladybugs in the grass. Each of those had their own superstitions, but the ladybug one was the best, especially if the ladybug landed on you. If that happened, you were supposed to count the spots, and for each spot, you would get that many days of good luck.
I just finished this big project for my lithography printmaking class this semester and was really happy with the way it turned out, and I think it inspired me to get on the ball with my blog. So here is my latest art project. (If the pics are to small to read the text, just click on them to enlarge.)
"the ladybug-day" is all hand printed, assembled, written and illustrated by yours truly. enjoy

Watercolor FHE with Dane

One of the greatest wedding gifts that I got was from Dane. He gave me a pad of watercolor paper and a home-made coupon that was redeemable for 2 Family Home Evenings of watercoloring. Dane may be my biggest fan of my Japanese watercolors, and I thought it was so sweet. I don't know why, but I think those home-made coupon ideas always make some of the best gifts. So, about a month ago (I know, I am totally a slacker) we had an intro lesson to watercoloring. It was a lot of fun, and Dane proved to be a natural!Dane's landscape.
Bridget's sea-scape...This was the first time that I have ever really played around with "wet on wet", meaning putting color into wet pools of paint. It was fun; I love no-pressure activities:)
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