Today is the last day to come see the art show!

today's art class: still life and shading

Today, with my class we combined the skills we have been practicing like drawing what we see, blocking in basic shapes, and careful observation and took it to the next level to add shading.  We started with simple objects on the table, turned off the lights, and let the window provide some simple, beautiful one-directional light for us.   We spent about 10 min on each drawing, so not enough time to finish a massive amount of details, but enough time to really slow down and observe carefully.

We came up with drawings like these ones:  (vitamin C bottle, and a bowl of fruit)


Art Lessons

Private Art Lessons
with Bridget Smith

Who can take classes?  Anyone ages 3-99

Are the lessons private or in class sessions?  Lessons can be taught on an individual basis or in groups. Group lessons will be at a discounted price.

Location:  Classes can be taught in your home or in Bridget Smith’s home studio in Provo. 

Some skills you can expect to develop are drawing, painting, sculpting, creative thinking and much more.

For additional information and prices,
please contact Bridget Smith:

Above is the info that I have been spreading around on fliers.  I am teaching a few group sessions right now, one of which will be starting the first week of July, once a week, for the rest of the summer for 3-5 year olds.  Right now, I only have a few spots left.  The classes will be $10/week.  Please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to join.


What is art?

Have you ever wondered how to put a definition to art?  Well, this video has some great insights into what some of the creatures in our world would say.  I think it is a hoot and worth the 7 min to sit and watch.


Chevron Painting, 24"x36", acrylic

It has been a while since I have made a piece of art just for the sake of art, just for me.  I was inspired by this blog.  She has a really great demonstration for how to make this kind of painting on this post as well.

Anyway, I put it up in my room and the more I look at it, the more in I am in love.


today's art class: gesture drawings

I have started teaching private art classes for the summer and I am having so much fun.  (So, if any of you are interested in taking classes--any age welcome--or know anyone who would be interested send me an email!  BridgetLSmith@gmail.com)

In my class that came today, I have students ages 9-12.  We have been talking about breaking figures of animals and people down into simple shapes.  Today we added to the shapes with gesture drawings.  The idea of a gesture drawing is to make a very quick impression of the figure you are drawing that captures their movement and the overall gesture their body is making.  This is most easily accomplished by drawing one smooth, continuous line that mimics the shape of their spine from the head all the way down their body, and then to the grounding foot.  So something like the figure on the left.

 Figure drawing has always been one of my favorite types of drawing.  Ah.  I love it.

Here are some drawings from the things that we did today:

Arts Express and conifer painting

This week I had a great opportunity to attend an art conference put on for elementary educators all over the state called Arts Express.   It is a conference that they put on every year with great keynote speakers and workshops all focused on using all of the arts (visual, drama, dance, music) to teach children more effectively.  This year, we had a great representation from Edgemont Elementary including 14 people! Myself, next year's art specialist 3 parents, our principle, and 8 other grade level teachers.  I think it was a really good way to get everyone connected and excited about using the arts more.

Oh, yeah, side note-- did I mention before that they were able to hire someone for next year?  I know that I posted before about how the district had decided to no longer support the grant position in the school, but they changed their mind!

Anyway, I wanted to share a little project that I completed yesterday in a wonderful workshop.  This is a little accordion-style book designed to fit into the 4th grade core of teaching about local habitats in Utah, one of which is forests. 

This is the closed book.  The woman who taught the workshop had put the books together for us ahead of time so that we would have time to paint the pages.  She used this crazy "eyelash" ribbon to tie them closed.  Not quite sure how I feel about it...

This is how the book opens "accordion" style.  there are paintings on each of the pages.  This type of book is great to make for kids because it is easy to put together and you can add info one one side of the pages like I did here, but then put more information on the other side.  If I were to teach this to students in an elementary class, we would use the other side to display our writing about our pictures.        This style of books is also really easy to display because it can stand up!

Believe it or not, 4th graders can totally do this type of paintings.  Our teacher taught us some great skills, like how to paint: realistic looking conifer trees, mountains, a sky with clouds, trees in the distance, trees with snow on them and other things.

This is definitely a lesson that I would love to teach to my students at home as well!


Springville Children's Art Festival

Last weekend as part of the Art City Days of Springville, they had a children's art festival on Friday.  There were  about 25 different artists who set up booths and had short art projects for kids to do.  And one of the greatest things about it, thanks to the city of Springville, it is all FREE for the public.

I had the chance to have a booth and teach the children how to Zentangle!  Dane came and helped for a few hours and it was a good thing he did because we tangled with literally hundreds of children.
Setting up the booth

It was a pretty good project for all ages.  I had instructions taped to the tables so that the parents could guild their children along if I was busy with someone else.  Overall, I think the parents might have liked it more than the kids.  There were a few children who really got into it and hung out at my booth for a long time so that they could finish their project.  It was fun to see how careful they were with their work.  

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