Figure Sculpture

Hey, so these are a few of the pieces that I made this last term in my figure sculpture class.  They both came from molds that I made after sculpting a model in clay.  I then filled the molds with french fries, a tape measure (as you can see above) and resin, a kind of plastic.  They are both dealing with issues of self image, (they are two separate pieces) and all that fun stuff, and I am entering them into a show here in provo.


Stained Glass

Here are some of the finished products from my stained-glass class. To be honest it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. The piece below was my final window project. I just finished the frame yesterday, and it is going up in a show on campus tomorrow. So if anyone is in town, or wants to be in town, there will be a show of my class's work in the HFAC (5th floor, I think) for the next month or so. (Everything in the show will be glass work, so that should make it pretty easy to find, if anyone is looking:) . )

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