Treasure Island

So my second graders spent a week or two learning about maps. How to read maps, the different important parts of maps, how to use them, and why we have them. All that fun stuff...So naturally we had to make one, but in order to make it fun, they were able to design their own Treasure Island. They were required to have a title, key/legend, scale, compass rose, and of course an island. I was pretty happy with how they turned out after I drilled into their heads how to use "short strokes, close together" to make the colored pencil turn out nicely.

This one below was done by one of my favorite little boys. (He is really cute--you know, the kind you can tell is going to grow up to be good looking, really athletic and very friendly. But he is not the typical sports-playing-popular-cute-boy. He works really really hard and always does his best and never gets into trouble. He's gonna be a heart breaker, I can already tell.)

After they finished their maps, we made treasure boxes out of origami. I gave them a little plastic jewel to glue on top, and glitter glue for decoration. To be honest, I was really surprised how much they LOVED making these. They couldn't stop talking about all the little things they were going to hide inside their treasure boxes when they took them home.

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