Klimt Self Portraits

I have talked about Gustave Klimt a few times on this blog before. Once when I featured him as an artist of the week, and another time here, when I completed a portrait of my friend inspired by his work.

Well, here is another one. This is a project that I did with my 3rd graders when they were in the middle of 2 units. One, talking about their bodies, and the other was while they were writing "star reports"--stars as in the stars in the sky, comets, metiers, black holes, and other things that you would find in outer space. I went into their class a few days before we stared and took pictures of each of them. Then printed the pics and when they came into class, we wrapped it all together with the help and inspiration of Klimt. They had to cut out their face and arms, glue them onto black construction paper and then draw their bodies, a border and background using simple shapes--shapes of things you would find in outer space. They first used oil pastels to fill the space with patterns, and then went back and added another layer with metallic sharpies.

I love how they turned out, and I know that the students had a lot of fun.

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mom/Janet said...

Gosh, Bridget - - - -these are darling. If my kids brought these home I would be so happy that they were using their imagination like this. Good Job

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