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Time for another artist

This is an amazing company that hand prints all of their own textiles to create beautiful furniture, lighting, rugs and other home accessories.  I fell in love with their work not only because the prints are incredible, but because each is hand printed with precision.  As an artist who has worked in the medium of printmaking, it was simply inspiring.  

Thanks to their great web page that shows the process they use to create their exquisite textiles and each of the patterns with hundreds of possibilities! 


After Monet's "Field of Poppies"

My first commissioned shoes: Ninja Turtles

I painted these shoes for a fundraiser for a little baby who just received a heart transplant, Mia McDonald.  They were some of the funnest I think I have done :)

Mt. Rainier

I painted these last week for my mother-in-law's birthday.  On a clear day, they can see Mt. Rainier from their house and have often enjoyed family outings at Mt. Rainier National Park.

Finished shoes.

still in the process....

(Above is the entrance gate to the park).
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