City Scapes

Second grade. What a great time to be alive. You have had a year plus to adjust to all day school, have pretty much learned the importance of keeping your hands to yourself, but still live in a world of innocence and bliss. For some reason, that is what I think of when I see this project that we completed. It took us a good 4-5 class periods to finish, but I know they actually learned something.

So, the 2nd grade core concept that we talked about was communities, how they can be different and like our own, and we talked about cities.

In art, we learned a lot about textures, crayon rubbings, and watercolor techniques. It was so much fun. But I cannot take all of the credit. I totally got the idea here. Thanks again, Kathy.

So here they are. Agian, how can I help but be proud?!

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