Recycled Book Landscapes

This is one of my favorite project that we have done so far this year.  Once again, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that it came from my 2nd graders.  We talked a lot about communities this year and they just loved learning about landscapes.  So, we needed to get creative to make something nice.  Remember the city-scapes?  We took that idea one step further and painted pages from books first.  it was sort of a fun discussion to talk to the students about recycling, tearing up old books and drawing on the pages and when it is ok. and when it isn't. 

So, first we textured the paper with crayon rubbings, then painted watercolor  washes and let the paper dry.  Then we used that paper to make our landscapes.  Last, they outlined the shapes with sharpie.  I think the thing that helped make them so successful was talking about background, middle-ground and foreground.  Then we told the students to  start with the background and work down the page.  The never cease to amaze me with what they come up with.

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