2nd Grade Georgia O'Keefe Flowers

I wish that I could somehow put these up here life size so that you could all see how impressive they are.  They are about 12x18".  We used large brushes and liquid tempera paint to create large flowers in the style of Georgia O'Keefe, an American painter who painted large close-ups of flowers.  The trick to getting the students to draw the flowers large is to encourage them to have the petals touch the edge of the page, or even run off the pages.  The paintings started out as monochromatic paintings: each student mixed a color to paint in between the petals of their flower and then filled in the flower with white paint, using the same brush so it created a lighter version of the color in the flower.  The next day, we added details in the center of the flowers and other finishing touches.  This was one of my favorite projects so far.  Maybe it was the big brushes. 

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Aunt Beth said...

Any of these for sale?? Holy cow, some of them are so good.

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