6th Grade Country Reports/Art Project

At the end of the year, the 6th graders all were assigned a country to write a report about, so we thought we would give them a chance to learn a little about the well known artwork/architecture/culture from that country.  They were allowed to chose whatever subject matter they wanted, it just needed to represent their country.  Then for the art medium, we reviewed the techniques that I had taught them throughout the year and they were allowed to chose to do one of those techniques again.  The choices were, tinfoil and sharpies, scraffito (not pictured here), colored pencil, pencil drawing, or painting.

I was pleased with some of them, and others, not so much.  Self guided work is always a little bit of a challage for students.  For once they get to make their own deisions, and it is amazing how difficult how that can be for some.  Interesting, and unfortunately we are all a little like that, I think.   Anyway, here are a few that turned out well.

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