lobster, 9"x12", watercolor

Do you know how many legs a lobster has? That was a very important question that came up between Dane and I when I painted this. He was convinced that my painting looked a few legs too short and that lobsters were arachnids. But that was hard for me to accept because I drew exactly how many legs that I saw in my image I was using. So I looked it up. They actually have 10 walking legs! I was so surprised. The front 6 have chompers (and that's primarily why you see them) but the front 2 chompers are the largest. The other 4 legs in the back a pretty little and often hidden.

So there you go. Bet ya didn't think you would have a science lesson on lobsters when you woke up today, huh?

1 comment:

Emily said...

awesome... love the art

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