cascade mountain, 5"x7", watercolor

A very dear friend of mine is moving to Singapore for at least the next 5 years. I will really miss her and wanted to do something for her before she left. There aren't many mountains, actually no mountains, as well as no snow there, so I painted this for her so that she could take a little bit of UT with her. We will miss you, Naomi!

In other news, I am heading to a family reunion today for a week. I am taking my paints and my computer. But I am entering vacation mode. So, does if it makes me lame that I cannot promise a painting everyday this week, so be it. But I will do what I can and paint as much as time allow me. And never fear, I will be back officially with a guaranteed painting-a-day a week from today!

1 comment:

mom/Janet said...

What a great gift for your friend. I love it.

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