Paintings for Lynlee

I finished these paintings a while ago...a few months before Lynlee was born. I am not sure why I nevr put them up...I guess life got busy with a baby:).

So I painted the 4 block paintings that say "baby".  I also made the airplane mobile.  Her name below is a vinyl cut out from my cricut and the animal picture is a gift from my cousin. I felt a little silly when i showed these paintings to my sister and she wasn't that impressed. You see she thought that I had taped off the background and used some sort of stencil for the letters. That would have saved me a ton of time, to be honest. And when she mentioned that, I felt very foolish because I had drawn and painted each of the paintings and all of the lines by hand. So needless to say, these paintings took me quite a bit more time to do than they should have.


Chillygator said...

The picture isn't showing up )o:

Ma Heather and Pa Craig said...

(I'm so glad you fixed the picture) This looks so cute!!! I'm glad you found a place for the picture I gave you, it looks really cute and the colors go well with "Baby Lynlee". I love the green.

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