It's Give-A-Way Time!

I know, I know.  This is the moment that everyone has been waiting for, right?  So, here is what we are going to do.  I am excited.  Are you excited?

I will send the winner of this give-away a free high-quality 8x10" print ($15 value) of their choice from any of the watercolor paintings that I did this summer.   Want to know what your choices are?  Just click the link on the right hand column of my blog that says "painting-a-day".  Any of the entrees that have the label "watercolor" at the bottom are fair game.

So, here's how it works.  You may enter your name into the drawing up to 6 times:
1.  Post a link to this give-a-way on your blog
2.  Post a link to this give-a-way on your facebook account
3.  Post a link on goggle+
4.  Post a link on twitter
5.  Put this blog on your RSS subscriber (like google reader)
6.  Leave a comment on this post telling me 2 things: first which painting from this summer has been your favorite and why, and second, how many of the things above you have done (on your honor here)

I will put your name into a hat for every one of the entries above completed before 12:00 am (midnight) MDT, Sunday Aug 4.  That gives you almost a week!  No excuses.

Ready, set go! 


Abbie said...

Posted on facebook! :)

Abbie said...

Oops. My favorite would have to be one of the whales. Ella loves them and I think one would look so cute in her room. :)

Ma Heather and Pa Craig said...

I am so excited for this give-a-way! Really!!!! I'd love to get the elephant to go with the zebra and giraffe that I have of yours. Originally I was thinking of having you paint an elephant like the zebra & giraffe but now I'm loving the idea of having it different. I hope this doesn't make it difficult for you to add up my entries but I'll be posting a seperate email (probably tomorrow) with all the things I did.

Dane said...

Five entries! Beat that other peeps!
1. Blog post
2. Facebook post
3. Google+ post.
4. TheBowhead whale is by far my fave!!
5. You deff on my google reader, girlfriend!

Emalei said...

Four entries:

1. Facebook
2. My blog
3. Added this blog to my RSS feed
4. My fave is any of the whales


Chillygator said...

Umm....I think I need like a MILLION entries (o:

1. Linked on FB
2. Shared in Reader (which is better than Google+ because I don't actually have any people on G+)
3. Subscribed in reader
4. Leaving a comment (here it is!)

And if I still blogged, I would blog about you (o: I need to do better at that.

I want to steal the Charlotte and Thomas picture away from the Bostonians (o: Can I do that? Or I guess I could settle with that darling Beluga.

Ma Heather and Pa Craig said...

1. Left previous comment.
2. Posted a link on my blog: craigandheathercardall.blogspot.com
3. Posted a link on facebook.
4. Put your blog on google reader.

Too bad I don't use twitter or google+ or else I would have done that too.

I'll be crossing my fingers! Will you announce the winner on Monday? If not, enjoy the holliday and I'll wait till Tuesday.

Mika said...

1. Linked on my blog.
2. Posted on Facebook but perhaps rudely (though in good humor) told others to not enter, as it would damage my chances of winning. I hope no one took me seriously.
3. Posted on Google+
4. Linked on Twitter.
5. Been there, done that. How would I keep up with your daily paintings without Google Reader to remind me?
6. The owl is by far my absolute favorite of the watercolors.

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