Springville Children's Art Festival

Last weekend as part of the Art City Days of Springville, they had a children's art festival on Friday.  There were  about 25 different artists who set up booths and had short art projects for kids to do.  And one of the greatest things about it, thanks to the city of Springville, it is all FREE for the public.

I had the chance to have a booth and teach the children how to Zentangle!  Dane came and helped for a few hours and it was a good thing he did because we tangled with literally hundreds of children.
Setting up the booth

It was a pretty good project for all ages.  I had instructions taped to the tables so that the parents could guild their children along if I was busy with someone else.  Overall, I think the parents might have liked it more than the kids.  There were a few children who really got into it and hung out at my booth for a long time so that they could finish their project.  It was fun to see how careful they were with their work.  

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Elizabeth said...

This looks so fun! You are amazing!

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