3D Forms traveling through space

Third grade geometry is the time when students really learn their 3 dimensional forms and need to learn how to draw them, so you know what that means...art project! We spent a few days learning how to draw each of the shapes (cone, cylinder, sphere, pyramid, cube, and a rectangular prism) and then different shading techniques both with graphite pencils as well as crosshatching with pen and ink.

Since they have been talking about space basically all year, we made rocket ships. Each student needed to draw a spaceship using at least 6 of the 3D forms, shade it with a consistent light source in pen and ink, and then we got to add fun details and paint. Again they learned how to make lights and darks with watercolor. This turned out to be a huge lesson on value!

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Emily said...

so was this yours? Or one of the students?

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