2nd Grade Christmas Wreathes

So, I am not one for a lot of Christmas crafty art lessons, but the second grade classes really were just talking about holidays and traditions for the bulk of December. So, we talked about the symbolism of wreaths and put our origami skills to the test.

Each student folded 8 points for their wreathes and then glued them together. After, they had time to decorate them with glitter-glue and we hung their school picture in the middle.

They have been finished for about 2 weeks, and they finally get to take them home today to give their parents as a gift. These little kids are just about as close as they can get to exploding with excitement to give these to their parents.

Here is an example of a finished product (sorry, it's my picture in the place of a cuter 2nd grader):

If they are happy, I am happy!

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Eli said...

Hey! This is Mr. Jones. So how are you doing? We sure do miss you at Edgemont! I have a question for you. So we're trying to remember how to do this wreath but can't remember at all! Can you help with that? Do you still have my email?

Hope the family is all well!

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