The Artist-Educator Nitch

Opening Reception:
Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The show will be hanging in the 3100 wing of the JKB for a month.

This is for any and all of you who are close to Provo, or will be anytime in the next month!!:
Many of you may know that as part of the art-ed degree, I have taken several art classes, almost as many as if I was a double major in art and education. Many of my peers share the feelings of inadequacy as an actual artist because we are not focusing in a certain area, and so several of us have never really been involved in the art-world here on campus. I, like many of my peers have never had the guts to enter my work into a student show. The other members of my student organization's presidency and I have decided to take a stand as artists. We created a show for art education majors to be hung in the gallery space (fancy name for hallway) where my department is located, 3100 wing of the JKB.
Each student was allowed to submit up to 5 pieces of work, and so I jumped at the opportunity. All 5 of my pieces made it into the show, and two of them, (hung as one piece) some of my watercolors, won a Juror's Choice award!
So, if any of you are around and want to see the artist-educator nitch, come on by! If you read this in time, feel free to come to the opening reception. There will be refreshments served!


mom/Janet said...

Oh I would love to go to this "hall" of art and see your work. I'm sure the baby won't be born in time for me to meet the month mark. I'll just have to hear from others how it was. Good for you.

Joanne said...

I am so glad that I checked your blog, because you didn't even mention it when I saw you on Sunday. I will try and take the boys down this week. WE WILL DEFINATELY HAVE TO CHECK THIS OUT! Maybe we could bring you a sandwich for lunch or something?

Joanne said...

maybe you should blog your pieces here for those of our family and friends that can't make the show? I'm going regardless, just a thought.

leslie ann said...

This is so cool. I am so proud to have a famous sister (I can think your famous right) anyway I am proud of you for not only being in the show but for also putting it together. I wish I could see it

Joanne said...

K, so I missed the reception and the refreshments, but I love the show. Bridget's pieces were great and Dale is right, the monkey is sooo much cooler in person.

Mom said...

Bridget, Congratulations, not only on your art work and its recognition, but on the initiative you took to encourage art education majors to show their work. Will you post the pieces you exhibited on the blog. How I wish we could come see the exhibit. When does it come down?

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